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Strategic Objectives

The Objective of FCI is restructuring the administrative system by using the latest means of communication and database management system while defining the job description for all managements of the faculty with reliance on two rules: responsibility determination and accountability activation.

Graduating a distinguished student in computer science, systems and information technology in accordance with Quality and Accreditation Standards, which enable him/her to compete locally, regionally and internationally.

Developing Students cognitive skills through modern academic programs as well keeping pace with the tremendous development of information systems.

As well as providing them with technical skills by training them in private sector facilities.

They are also provided with life skills such as (communication skills, crisis management, problem solving, collaborative thinking and teamwork) throughout the faculty's career Center to ensure their effective community participation.

Among our objectives is to prepare the research cadres and develop computer laboratories and update new systems of informatics while providing the capabilities to conduct distinguished scientific research that keeps pace with scientific research at the international and global levels. Additionally, Commitment to community participation and environmental development through the Advisory Board of the faculty, in which the private sector represents 80% and members of the Faculty community 20%, to ensure communication between community issues and the academic system.