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Prof. Dr/ Essam Haleim Hussien

Professor at the Computer Science Department, Faculty of Computers and Information, Minia University .

Marital Status  :   Married

Date of Birth  :     15/2/1975

E-mail    :dean.fci@mu.edu.eg

Mobile   :  01008658057

Welcoming Speech

Dear Students , On behalf of all the staff of the Faculty of Computers and Information, I would like to welcome you at your Faculty Campus, you are the hope of our bright future, and with your efforts, we will be able to build the renaissance of the country.

Dear ones, your path is full of challenges, so you must do your duty with determination, honesty and confidence in your future with your conscious minds, values and lofty principles.

Therefore, I would like to give you my advice, which is to be equipped with knowledge and culture and learn from experiences of your fellows who preceded you and applied the science and culture as their approach.

I would like to add that the Faculty of Computers and Information is characterized by seriousness in studying, adhering to lecture dates and theoretical exercises at its modern laboratories which available to our students throughout the academic day.

Last but not least, the faculty administration has a concern in the active participation of FCI students in student activities through the Office of Student Welfare, the Student Union and cultural seminars, as well as allowing students to express their opinion and participate in trips.

Wishing you all the best for the future. May you achieve everything that you want.

Happy New Academic year 2023/2024.

Academic degrees

Bachelor of Science (Computetr Science) in 1996, Minia University.

Master's degree, Department of Computer Science, Minia University, 2004.

PhD in Computer Science Minia University in 2012.