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  • The faculty was established with the - Ministerial Decree No. 3444/3/1976.

• The Ministerial decree No. 446 of establishing the faculty of Fine Arts was issued in 05/03/1976.

• The academic study in the faculty began in 83/1984 in the extension building of the Faculty of Science then in a special building for the Faculty 90/1991 CE.

• The faculty is located in the compound of faculties within the university campus.  It began with the following departments: - (Decoration, Graphics, Painting and Sculpture).

• The University Council approved on   establishing the Unit No. 8 in 22/09/1986.
• The rector's decision No1236 of establishing the unit of the departments of the faculty was issued in 4/11/86.
• The Council of the universities approved on establishing the production unit for students in 24/09/1989.
•The ministerial decision No. 1203 of establishing the departments of Architecture, Reparation and Animation and profile Ceramic in sculpture Department was issued in 09/08/1994.
• The Division of animation became a department.
• The ministerial decision No. 373 of making an internal list for the faculty was issued in 03.03.1998 and it included seven departments which were:

  1. Architecture department.
  2. Decoration department (Internal Design - Art Expressionism).
  3. Painting Department (painting -Wall Painting).
  4. Graphics Department (printed design - book art).
  5. Sculpture department (sculpture arena -prominent Sculpture - casserole).
  6. Reparation Department.
  7. Animation cartoon Department.